Shiny Letherette

Imitation leather can be produced at any time and is not dependent on the availability of animal skins. Imitation leather is usually easy to clean and more robust than real leather: artificial leather is not deformed or discoloured by water, and products made of imitation leather can be washed and dried without any problems and without hardening.
The material we use is more breathable than real leather.

Fabric of shiny letherette:
  • 70 % Cotton
  • 25 % Polyester
  • 3 % Elasthan
  • 3% Polyurethan

    Care Instruction:

    • machine wash with max. 40°C
    • Do not use sulphur-based detergents, softener and bleach
    • NEVER put in a dryer
    • Hang the clothes up on the right hanger and allow it to dry by natural means