Cutting edge, stylish face coverings.
These exclusive, hand designed masks are made of the same high quality materials used throughout the collection to help complete your look.


Each design is available in various materials and closure options.The signature Future Ripp material provides structure to each mask, making breathing easier and allowing for comfortable wearing.
The choice of the base material determines the look: minimalistic chic in matt softshell or total glamour in glossy lack. All designs are lined, intricately finished and handcrafted.
The special 4-layer filter is attached to the inside of the mask with a Velcro fastener, allowing the filter to be changed with just one movement.
You can wear these masks with a filter, to protect your fellow humans, or without the filter for fun and fashion. The COSMA 20 community mask is not a medical product. According to the RKI, the Community Mask reduces the number of droplets circulating in the air before they enter the mouth and nose area. You also protect others by keeping most of your droplets trapped in the filter as you breathe and speak.