Size Chart

Unisex designs from size S to XL

Additional fit thanks to adjustable fasteners with different locking solutions, for different requirements.

Place the tape measure at the bridge of the nose and run it loosely over the tip of the nose to the end of the chin. With this measurement you can determine the size of your mask.

Example: The illustration shows a measurement of 10.5 cm or 4,1 zoll, which corresponds to an S size according to the following table.

In general: 

S Size for children and very dainty women

M Size for most women and smaller men

L size for tall women and most of  men

XL size for tall men






zoll / inch

    3,9 - 4,7

    4,7 - 5,5

      5,5 - 6,3

    6,3  - 7,1


     10 - 12

    12  - 14

      14  - 16

  16 -  18


Mask measure front


Mask measure side