Ripped Fabric in shiny black
used in all designs since more than 25 years
Certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Oeko®-Tex

Shiny or matte high quality PVC
For all tight items like Corsages, dresses with a high percentage of Elastan.
28% Polyurethan
58% Polyamid
14% Elastane


Softshell black or white
For the coats and jackets
super cosy, wind - and water repilliant
Top- Fabric 100 % Polyamid ( PA )
Membrane 100 % Polyurethan ( PU )
Backing Fabric: 100 % Polyester ( PES )


Tiny glass spheres are embedded in the upper film layer and reflect incident light back to its source. The material is windproof, water repellent, wrinkle resistant and breathable.. Without light you see a decent grey with light you get  a multicolour reflextion.
100 % Nylon


Artificial Fur
For several coats and hats:
Cosy and pure luxury
21% modacrylic
62% acrylic
17% polyester


Italien Rhinestone:
The high quality italien ASFOUR crystal guarantee and eternal sparkle that
never fades or lessens with time.