Ripped Fabric: used in all designs
Certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Oeko®-Tex

Basic fabric 1: Softshell black
Top- Fabric 100 % Polyamid ( PA )
Membrane 100 % Polyurethan ( PU )
Backing Fabric: 100 % Polyester ( PES )

Basic fabric 2: Glossy black
70% Polyester ( PL )
30% Polyurethan ( PU )

Filter and Properties
The filter consists of four layers of non-woven fabric.
The upper and inner layers have a hydrophobic water-repellent treatment.
Between them there are two filter layers of non-woven fabric.

100 % Polyester 

Two weak thermally bonded nonwovens keep the bioactive fiber in an ideal state while preventing the release of the fiber and improving the filtration properties of the entire web for good breathability, sufficient filtration.
Thanks to a special bioactive PES treatment with silver ions contained in it, these fibers are called antibacterial modified.
antibacterial properties - the manufacturer of the fleece guarantees that viruses and bacteria do not multiply on these fibers in humid and warm environments.