Men Jacket / Coat

Welcome to our exclusive category for men's jackets and coats, showcasing the creative brilliance of Tatjana Warnecke at the highest level. Each piece in this collection is characterized by the use of high quality fabrics and intricate workmanship that will exceed your expectations.

Our jackets and coats are not just garments, they are works of art. Tatjana Warnecke has created designs with passion and precision, ranging from a classic military style to avant-garde faux fur boleros with exaggerated shoulders. Each item is individually enhanced through the use of Future Ripp highlights or other unique elements.

This collection embodies a distinctive style that is strong and confident. The designs have a clear statement and guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for a jacket for everyday urban wear or a coat for special occasions, you will find the perfect piece to emphasize your personal style.