Ripped Fabric in shiny black
used in all designs since more than 25 years
Certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Oeko®-Tex


Shiny or matte high quality PVC
For all tight items like Corsages, dresses with a high percentage of Elastan.
28% Polyurethan
58% Polyamid
14% Elastane


Softshell black or white
For the coats, jackets and more
super cosy, wind - and water repilliant
Top- Fabric 100 % Polyamid ( PA )
Membrane 100 % Polyurethan ( PU )
Backing Fabric: 100 % Polyester ( PES )


Artificial Fur
For several coats and hats:
Cosy and pure luxury
21% modacrylic
62% acrylic
17% polyester


Italien Rhinestone:
The high quality italien ASFOUR crystal guarantee and eternal sparkle that
never fades or lessens with time.