Tatjana Warnecke combines valuable experience, timeless aesthetics and fresh ideas to provocative quality products! 

For over 20 years, fashion designer Tatjana Warnecke has been on her self-taught path of constantly developing her eponymous Berlin fashion label. In the process, the innovations of big city life always flow into the designs.

In search of unusual yet comfortable and durable clothing for her own stage performances, Warnecke began producing her own outfits around 1990. The response to her unusual and eye-catching designs was so overwhelming that soon top boutiques in, for example, Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Miami were carrying her creations. Soon entire collections of her provocative lifestyle clothing were created, which are still worn on the very big stages today.

This was also the time that laid the foundation for the very special and unique "Tatjana Warnecke look", which is still her trademark today: ribbed, shiny vinyl made of a three-dimensional synthetic fabric with futuristic facets!

Tatjana Warnecke designs stand for highest quality standards and unmistakable creativity

The same master tailor has been taking care of the realization of her ideas and designs since day one. This long-standing tradition and company structure reflects the demand Tatjana Warnecke has on her company management: her thinking and acting according to the highest quality standards. All items are made from high-quality European materials and with intricate craftsmanship. The clothes are mainly made of soft shell, vinyl - rib, faux fur and rhinestone elements. The material guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort.

Warnecke clothing featured in top print titles and popular shows

Leading fashion magazines, such as "Glamour", "Clint" and "Prestige Magazine", as well as fetish magazines, such as "Skin Two", "Marquis Style" or "Gothic Beauty", recognized her performance in numerous releases and featured entire photo spreads of her fashion stagings. Their first-class products are worn by stars and starlets and their Cosmic Couture on the world's big stages and in music clips and TV shows. Among them are well-known shows, such as "Ru Pauls Transshow", "Gothem Serie" or Germanys Next Top Model (GNTM) as well as artists, such as "Nina Hagen".

What is the COSMIC COUTURE of Tatjana Warnecke?

Her collection "Cosmic Couture" plays with futuristic and yet elegant, elaborate science - fiction elements. In it very tight cuts are implemented, which emphasize the female and male forms and give bodies their sexy shape. The selection of their well-known basic materials is also implemented here: shiny and matte vinyl with a high percentage of Lycra, as well as the occasional use of faux fur. In addition to a variety of garments, lovers will also find playful accessories such as masks, collars, gloves and tails to present themselves individually.